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Does your team have that one person who looks up their Excel sheet daily to see whose birthday is today? Leave the spreadsheet and let Jolly take care of your team's celebrations.

Jolly is a Slack celebration bot that will send hand-crafted & joyful celebration messages whenever anyone from your team has a birthday or a work anniversary. Why should your team use Jolly?

Jolly has become an essential part of our company's culture, and I highly recommend it to any organization that wants to maintain a positive workplace culture

Your team's Chief Celebration Officer
Your team's Chief Celebration Officer

Why should you use Jolly?

A happy team is a productive team! Teams using Jolly have created a more positive workplace culture and boosted their employee engagement & morale. Also, let's not mention how embarrassing it is to forget your team member's special day, right? Let Jolly take care of that and it will never happen.

Since adding Jolly to our organization, the days of scrambling to remember everyone's special day or trying to organize last-minute celebrations are gone

Even if your team is spread out across the globe, Jolly is perfect for virtually bringing the team together. Make sure your team is present when it matters.

If you're an HR professional, you know the pain of maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of your team's birthdays. You're also responsible for managing employee relations and creating a positive environment. Jolly makes your job more manageable and easier.


Here's a list of some of the key features that come with every Jolly account:

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