Configuring Jolly

In this guide, we'll look at all the options you have for configuring Jolly to your organization's needs.

During the setup flow of Jolly, you'll be prompted to fine-tune exactly how your Jolly account is set up. Of course, you can change these settings at any later time. Settings that you can configure are:

Configuring Jolly

To open the settings dialog, follow these steps:


Open Jolly from your Slack sidebar


Press the "Home" tab


Press the "Settings" button

Configuring Jolly
Configuring Jolly

Timezone and posting time

Jolly is built for teams located all over the world. This means that you can fine-tune the timezone in which Jolly will send the celebration message and the time when the message will be sent.

Grouped celebration messages

Jolly's core functionality is sending celebration messages to configured Slack channels. If multiple people have birthdays or a work anniversaries on the same day, you can configure how you want Jolly to send these celebration messages.

There are two options you can select:

  • sending individual messages: Jolly will send a message per person who has a birthday/anniversary and @mention the person
  • grouping messages into a single message: Jolly will send a single message for all birthdays and a single message for all work anniversaries happening on that day and @mention all the people who celebrate

By default, Jolly always groups messages. Grouping is great for larger teams because it prevents a large number of messages from being posted in the Slack channel.

Example for grouped celebration messages
Example for grouped celebration messages
Example for individual celebration messages
Example for individual celebration messages

Handling weekend celebrations

We know you're a good manager, so you probably don't want to bother your team on weekends. With Jolly, you can configure how to handle when birthdays and work anniversaries happen on the weekend. The available options are:

  • Send the message on that special day
  • Send the message on Friday, before the special day
  • Send the message on Monday, after the special day