How to install Jolly

In this guide, we'll look at how to install Jolly into your Slack workspace. Installation and setup take just a few minutes, and you can configure all settings later from Slack.


Press the "Add to Slack" button

You can do that from Slack App Directory, Jolly or right here 👇


Allow Jolly access to your Slack workspace

Here you can also see all the permissions that Jolly has in your workspace. After pressing Allow, you'll be taken to Jolly's setup page.

Slack OAuth2 authorization
Slack OAuth2 authorization

Configure basic Jolly settings

Configure settings like timezone, posting time, how to handle weekend celebrations, and which initial Slack channel you wish to add Jolly to.

First page of setup
First page of setup

Configure how you want to collect dates

Configure whether you want Jolly to send an introduction message to the initial Slack channel and whether you want Jolly to send a private DM to all people in the workspace asking them to enter their birthday/anniversary.

Second page of setup
Second page of setup

Collect your team's birthday/anniversary information

Jolly is now up and running for your team. For the next steps, we recommend configuring celebration channels to your own needs and collecting your team's birthday/anniversary information.