How Jolly works

In this guide, we'll look at how Jolly works in a nutshell. It's a Slack celebration bot, so it's fairly simple, but we wanted to give you a quick overview.

Your team's Chief Celebration Officer
Your team's Chief Celebration Officer

Install and configure Jolly in your Slack organization

Installation takes just a few seconds, and you can fine-tune Jolly to your organization's needs.


Configure in which Slack channels you want Jolly to send celebrations

Jolly can be added to as many Slack channels as you wish and configured to send celebration messages only for channel members.


Collect your team's birthdays and work anniversaries

There are a few ways to get your team's birthday/anniversary information into Jolly.


Let Jolly do its thing

Jolly is now up and running. Lay off the spreadsheet and let Jolly send the joyful celebration messages.


Collect birthdays/anniversaries for new hires

When new people are added to your Slack organization, Jolly will send them a DM, explain what it does, and ask them to enter their birthday and work anniversary.