Receiving weekly reminders

In this guide, we'll look at how to receive private DMs every week about all the upcoming birthdays/anniversaries that week.

If you're interested in receiving a private DM every Monday with the list of all birthdays/anniversaries happening that week, you can enable this from your account settings.

When enabling, you can select whether you want to receive reminders for:

  • every birthday/anniversary from your Slack organization (great for managers of smaller teams)
  • birthdays/anniversaries of people from your list of favorites

This option is available for every user in your Slack organization, doesn't matter if admin or not.

Managing preferences

To manage the reminder preferences, do the following:


Open Jolly from your Slack sidebar


Press the "Home" tab


Press the "My settings" button


Select you want to be reminded

How to manage your reminder preferences
How to manage your reminder preferences